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For Soluble Film

Name: Starch bio-based film-blowing material

1. Made from natural starch
2. Consumed by small animals and microorganism to be converted into carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O), and biomass in nature within months.
3. Dissolves in hot water and softens in cold water.
4. Very potential to be used as electronic components wrapping, where static electricity must be avoided.
5. Harmless when consumed by animals.
6. Safe for plant growth.

Degradable time after disposal: 3~6 months

Bio-based shopping bags, poly-bags, garbage bags, and general packaging.


Product packaging:
Nylon composite bag or aluminum foil bag vacuum packaging, packaging for the paper and plastic composite bag, 25 kg/bag, ton packaging.

Processing equipment:
Universal film blowing machine, printing machine, bag making machine, sealing machine and casting machine.

Processing technology:
1. Choose LDPE die head to blow for production, length-diameter ratio L/D 28:1, blowing ratio >1:3, in order to be conductive to plasticization and improve product quality and output;
2. Freshly blown film should be placed for a period of time before being processed for bag;
3. Due to the serious water loss of the new film, it is brittle and the tensile strength is low. Its mechanical properties will be significantly improved after being placed for 24 hours;
4. It is not allowed to add polyolefin material for blowing, otherwise it will affect the compostability, degradation performance and heat sealing performance of the product.

· To store in a dry place at room temperature and use as soon as possible after opening.
· The product is easily affected with damp, so dry it before being used in conditions of 80โ„ƒ, 2 hours. If the material smells like corn when being processed, it is at the best temperature.

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