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For Compostable Injection

TKM-10 is our biodegrade statistical aliphatic-aromatic copolyester based on the monomers,1.4-butanediol, adipic acid and succinic acid, for compostable series.

A biodegrade plastic resin is a plastic that maintains the same properties as a conventional plastic with regard to its use, but which can be completely degraded into the water and carbon dioxide by naturally occurring microorganisms such as bacteria fungi and algae when disposed of in the natural environment.

Feature: 1. High molecular weight substance;
2. Semi-crystalline structure;
3. Great process ability (at general injection and extrusion machinery);
4. TKM-10 is printable, weldable and can be mechanically recycled;
5. When incinerated, TKM-10 does not generate any noxious side-products and hazardous gases;
6. TKM-10 is highly compatible with natural materials;
7. We can supply to a customer grade that satisfies the individual customer’s needs.


Product packaging:
Packaging types are 25kg or 1,000kg bulk bag. The open package need to be sealed completely and be used immediately.
For unopened product official shelf life is 12 months.
To store in a cool, dry, ventilated area away from sources of heat or ignition. To isolate from oxidizing materials.

1. TKM-10 is designed for hard feeling polymer resin.
2. The main applications for TKM-10 are extrusion uses like mono-filament, multi-filaments and T-tie sheet etc. and injection uses like various of disposable products.
3. TKM-10 can be used for fishing net, fishing string fabrics, rope, sheet, containers.
4. TKM-10 is compatible with another biodegradable polymers like PLA.

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