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Jiangsu Alumaykey Technology Co., Ltd

Intelligent Block,Yangtze River Chuangzhi Industrial Park, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China

Jiangsu Sanyou Technology Co.,Ltd

Sihong Industrial Zone, Sihong City,Jiangsu Province, China

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Drop us a line and we will reach you within 24 hours!

Our customers have access to technical service staff and our agents in America, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Thailand and beyond. They provide support to the customer at every stage of the project. Write to us :
 or via our 
webmail. We will try to reach you within 24 hours.

Tel: 0086-173-1279-2212


Tritech Industrial

Factory Add: Sihong Industrial Zone, Sihong City, Jiangsu, China